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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Updated Job System and Weapons Finally Live

Phew, it's been a while since my last update, things have been pretty busy over here but I finally managed to sit down and finish up all the coding and bug fixes to get this update out. Purchasable weapons have been replaced by customizable components, and skills have been updated and are now determined by your class instead of your element. For now, here's the full changed list:

  • Equipment
    • Weapons and Armor replaced by customizable gear
    • Advanced customization currently locked pending later update
    • Weapons and armors further balanced
  • Aura
    • Traits replaced by updated skill lists, including skills, passives, and nexus
  • Skills
    • Added passive and trigger skill types
      • trigger skills are paid for and activate once conditions are met
    • Nexi reintroduced
      • makes use of charge that builds each turn instead of mana
  • Combat
    • High speed characters can now combo enemies slower than them
      • Adds fraction of base damage with each consecutive combo proc
  • UI
    • Added scroll-over info display for multiple pages (Store, Inv, Skill, and Aura)
  • Bugs
    • Skills now apply effects properly
    • Fixed several disappearing buttons
    • Fixed combat text display errors
    • Skills now only are applied once per turn in combat (previously roughly 3/turn)

Next up is a rework of the quest system and a formal introduction to the story, as well as a formal recruitment quest for Kana. I have a couple minor changes in store as well to round out how damage is dealt and how skills are manage and the like. I'll have more info for you once I get everything going, for now I'm going to take a break, these last few days have been kinda exhausting. See you all later~

Monday, July 28, 2014

Travel System and Appearance Prototype

Hello everyone, finally wrapped everything up, had to update a lot more outdated code to get everything running than I thought, but everything should be in running order now. Now players can travel between the nodes that they've visited (left multiple regions up for this build, but they're largely empty save for a differing camp text and a copy of Eterna). Players can now also buy various "fetishes" at the apothecary (cheap for now, they'll also be dropped from foes later) that allow the player to mess with their appearance by adopting traits of other races as well. Now, here's the full change-list:

  • Travel
    • Over-world zone selection available from the map
    • Local zone selection available from the map as well
  • Appearance
    • Fetishes for Allies, Feline, and Canine are available for purchase now
    • Fetishes can be consumed to modify one slot of the players appearance per use
  • Balancing
    • Weapons balanced on spreadsheet (temporary, see notes for next patch)
  • HUD
    • Replaced all checklists with scrolls
    • Compacted start screen to make character creation faster
  • Inventory
    • Inventory and Store now have stacks for player items to show how many they own
  • General
    • Enemies and allies now actually deal damage
    • Most status effects no longer stack (save for stat mods), for spell balancing reason

Only one more core update before I can start releasing actual content to the game, so I'm quite excited, though I'm not sure how fast I'll be able to release it now that I'm in my last quarter of school and powering through the Capstone project. The last things on my list are updating the old weapon and armor system to the customizable equipment and updating the skill lists, aura traits, and re-adding the nexi before releasing this thing to the first live build. So off to go work on that, I'll let you guys know once I'm done~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Job System is Live!

I need to stop finding more things for myself to do in these updates, as much as I like the results, I get far too sidetracked... Anyway, I still have a couple smaller things I'd like to add, but given the delay between this and the last update, and my next task being so small I'll hold it over to the next update. The better part of the job and combat system have been updated and are in place, though I feel like I should add something to explain the status effects, stat benefits, and strengths of weapon types.

  • General:
    • Histories are gone
      •  Replaced with weapon and armor select
  • Job System:
    • Player stats and abilities are now determined by the player's aura
      • Each aspect features a unique feature and traits
      • Stats are based on affinity and selected aspect
    • Temporarily disabled Nexi pending an overhaul of their customization
  • Combat:
    • Weapons now utilize a weapon triangle against armor
      • Vanilla damage replaced with slash, pierce, and bludgeon damage
        • Strong against light, medium, and heavy armors respectively
      •  These damage types are available for auras as well
    • Updated weapon stats to diversify their use in combat
      • i.e. Swords are balance, daggers crit more, spears are defensive, etc.
    • Strength and Dexterity now multiply weapon damage instead of flat bonuses
  • Skills:
    • Weapon skills have been replaced by new aura spells based on damage type
      • Skills page will no longer have sub-menus pending a HUD update
    • Overhauled status effects slightly to better play to the strengths of each element
Next up on my list is the travel system and racial cosmetics, as well as a couple more number balances for weapons and armor that need to be stress tested, removing outdated HUD mechanics, and fixing some neglected code segments. I'm on break for the better part of a month now, so hopefully I should be able to manage to at least get this in place before I head back to school.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update 0.2.04 - Aura Prototype

Hello again, I was hoping to get this out quite a bit sooner, but between my new job and my capstone projects my progress has been a lot slower than I would like. I'm in the middle of reworking the core progression mechanic of the game (because I realized exp is going to be tedious as hell in the future if I keep going down this path), but I thought I'd release the original aura update I promised and squeeze in the rest of the rewrite with the combat damage type update. So here's what's new with this release:

  • Aura System
    • Aura passive system in place with limited customability
      • Pick an element to draw power from
      • Shape that element in an Aspect that provides you various bonuses
        • List will be updated with slight changes in next release
      • Pick Traits to further modify the abilities of your Aspect
    • Limited Nexus special attack system in place
      • Limited to one pre-built type per Aspect
      • Further customization will be implemented in the future
  • UI
    • New type of page for the Aura screen, this will likely replace the current inventory, store, and ally pages
  • Elemental
    • Players can gain affinity from aura to deal damage of that type, take reduced damage of that type, and/or unlock that category of spells.
  • Skills
    • No more exp or proficiencies
As for the next release, I plan on swaping out basic damage for a simple weapon triangle system against armor (slash - cloth, pierce - chain, blunt - plate) and slightly reworking weapons and armor to compensate for this. Additionally I'll be implementing the new "job system" that allows players to develop their stats based on their aura, effectively allowing them to swap play styles on the slide, promoting exploration, side-quests, and storyline progression over needless grinding to improve their character. Eventually I plan on allowing players to use dual-, or tri-split auras to multi-class their abilities and balance out their stats, but for now I'm just going to leave it simple. Now, on to getting that shit to work~

-- Note: This build may be a bit more unstable than most, as it's more of a transition than a full release. It should be back to normal by the next build. --

Thursday, April 10, 2014

v0.2.03b Update Log

Nothing too bug this release, took a bit of a break over the last month, but here's the list of work that I managed to finish on the side:

  • Bug Fix
    • Inventory and shop should be navigable again
  • UI
    • Weapon and armor on sidebar replaced with icons, future icons should follow
  • Combat
    • Block has been removed, and dodge has been slightly boosted to compensate
  • Core
    • Item use centralized to item classes
    • Damage dealing and healing centralized to character class
  • Other
    • Page Titles added to some pages
    • Side boxes should no longer be selectable
As for what's next, I narrowed down my work to the remaining core features, and I'm trying to hit one of them every week or two to finally kick this thing off and be able to add content without worry. First up will be the full aura system, expanding from simple elemental selection to a full customizable bonus and special attack system. While it sounds like a bit of a jump, it's nothing too big once the core of it's all in place. I'll get back to you all once it's all set~

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alright, an Actual Update - v 0.2.03

Alright, saves are staying dead for a while, I should probably focus on other stuff at the moment anyway. Still have a few major features to code in before I'm ready to start really building this thing, but for the time being I'll keep chugging along with these updates.

  • Saves:
    • Saves work on the exe file and editor, but not webplayer, but they've been sidelined for more immediately important features.
  • Aura:
    • Elemental magic management has been added to the tent, and removed from the character tabs
  • HUD:
    • Tooltips have been adjusted to be more readable, as they were difficult to see in many spots.
    • Skills now indicate their damage type which may become more important in future releases
  • Status:
    • Status effects have been simplified to a stack system rather than strength and chance values
    • Resist has been adjusted slightly and putting more stacks on a character is progressively more difficult now
    • Resist draw from endurance and willpower now, instead of straight willpower
  • Core:
    • All text is generated from a single file now instead of each class seperately
    • Text and navigation management has been condensed and simplified as well
    • Game runs on a state system now instead of whatever weird thing I had implemented before
    • Replaced a couple more messy arrays with dictionaries for easy management
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Status effects should apply properly now (though single stacks applied to enemies may resolve before you get to see it applied due to the nature of their effects)
    • Stuns actually work, so Kana should be able to interrupt the enemy for a turn or two now

Next up on the list in inter-regional travel (so like between towns and other hubs), and another test for conditional quests. Likely nothing too permanent for that second part, but I can now move the player to a proper starting region for their journey and set up some semblance of a story maybe. Other than that a few minor combat changes, more code centralization, and the addition of the elemental affinity system to handle aura and elemental vulnerabilities and such. You know, the usual junk. And with that, off to get another update on the way~~~

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Save Update: Uh, yeah, about that

So, saves won't be happening immediately for the webplayer. I've spent the last few days trying to update the new system to work for webplayers, but I'm just not making any progress so I'm abandoning that for the time being. This kinda stuff isn't my strong suit and touching on topics like server-side data handling and the like isn't what I need to be focusing on any time soon.

I might reintroduce PlayerPrefs with the next update to give you guys something, but it'll likely just be a quick-start button due to the lack of actual content that needs saving at the moment. For the time being saves are going off though, I'll update you all once the this current update is done and goes live.