Current Version

Thursday, April 10, 2014

v0.2.03b Update Log

Nothing too bug this release, took a bit of a break over the last month, but here's the list of work that I managed to finish on the side:

  • Bug Fix
    • Inventory and shop should be navigable again
  • UI
    • Weapon and armor on sidebar replaced with icons, future icons should follow
  • Combat
    • Block has been removed, and dodge has been slightly boosted to compensate
  • Core
    • Item use centralized to item classes
    • Damage dealing and healing centralized to character class
  • Other
    • Page Titles added to some pages
    • Side boxes should no longer be selectable
As for what's next, I narrowed down my work to the remaining core features, and I'm trying to hit one of them every week or two to finally kick this thing off and be able to add content without worry. First up will be the full aura system, expanding from simple elemental selection to a full customizable bonus and special attack system. While it sounds like a bit of a jump, it's nothing too big once the core of it's all in place. I'll get back to you all once it's all set~

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alright, an Actual Update - v 0.2.03

Alright, saves are staying dead for a while, I should probably focus on other stuff at the moment anyway. Still have a few major features to code in before I'm ready to start really building this thing, but for the time being I'll keep chugging along with these updates.

  • Saves:
    • Saves work on the exe file and editor, but not webplayer, but they've been sidelined for more immediately important features.
  • Aura:
    • Elemental magic management has been added to the tent, and removed from the character tabs
  • HUD:
    • Tooltips have been adjusted to be more readable, as they were difficult to see in many spots.
    • Skills now indicate their damage type which may become more important in future releases
  • Status:
    • Status effects have been simplified to a stack system rather than strength and chance values
    • Resist has been adjusted slightly and putting more stacks on a character is progressively more difficult now
    • Resist draw from endurance and willpower now, instead of straight willpower
  • Core:
    • All text is generated from a single file now instead of each class seperately
    • Text and navigation management has been condensed and simplified as well
    • Game runs on a state system now instead of whatever weird thing I had implemented before
    • Replaced a couple more messy arrays with dictionaries for easy management
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Status effects should apply properly now (though single stacks applied to enemies may resolve before you get to see it applied due to the nature of their effects)
    • Stuns actually work, so Kana should be able to interrupt the enemy for a turn or two now

Next up on the list in inter-regional travel (so like between towns and other hubs), and another test for conditional quests. Likely nothing too permanent for that second part, but I can now move the player to a proper starting region for their journey and set up some semblance of a story maybe. Other than that a few minor combat changes, more code centralization, and the addition of the elemental affinity system to handle aura and elemental vulnerabilities and such. You know, the usual junk. And with that, off to get another update on the way~~~

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Save Update: Uh, yeah, about that

So, saves won't be happening immediately for the webplayer. I've spent the last few days trying to update the new system to work for webplayers, but I'm just not making any progress so I'm abandoning that for the time being. This kinda stuff isn't my strong suit and touching on topics like server-side data handling and the like isn't what I need to be focusing on any time soon.

I might reintroduce PlayerPrefs with the next update to give you guys something, but it'll likely just be a quick-start button due to the lack of actual content that needs saving at the moment. For the time being saves are going off though, I'll update you all once the this current update is done and goes live.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saving Temporarily Unavailable - Woops

Quick update here guys. Updated the save file to create and utilize an xml file on your computers, but forgot the webplayer for unity doesn't like to touch local files.

I found a fix to the problem, but it means I have to rewrite the saving methods again, so it won't be up for a few more days. In the meantime, since I don't have an old version to rewind to, saving and loading won't be possible until the next update, though luckily there isn't much progress to be made or lost at this point.

On the plus side, these new methods allowed me to fix a lot of errors with the inventory and proficiencies across saving and loading, so that should hopefully go well once I get it back up. Sorry 'bout all this~

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bringing Back the Bunny - v. 0.2.01

Took a little bit longer than expected due to midterms/classes, but here's the next release, something I've been waiting to add for a while now and can't wait to expand upon. I've got some big additions/changes coming in the next handful of updates, but for now let's get to the changelog:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Pawn shop no longer breaks on trying to scroll through item list
    • Skills should deal normal damage again
    • Fixed navigation bug in the character creation screen
    • Damage numbers should match up properly now
  • Ally System
    • Ally system is now in place
    • In Camp
      • Followers section is now available
      • Able to toggle follower on and off
      • Can inspect the character for information on their combat abilities and stats
      • Future ability to talk and advance the followers skills/quests coming in time
    • In Battle
      • Joins follower in fight and offers assistance
      • Passive state is simple, but builds up meter
      • Active state increases the power of the follower, at the cost of meter every turn
      • Skills burn meter in an instant to deliver powerful effects
      • Each follower also has a passive ability that gives unique effects
  • Kana
    • Currently active as a follower test
    • Passive Skill: Re-roll monster drops if nothing found
    • Passive State: Strikes attacking enemies
    • Active State: Adds a daze effect to her normal attack
    • Skill: Rosethorn - Increased damage and armor pen, with a chance to stun the foe for a round
  • GUI
    • I'm in the process of reworking the GUI to be less cluttered with useless info
    • Due to lack of visual cues, another sidebar has been added to track important info
    • New sidebar tracks date/time, upcoming quest/ally info, monster stats, and similar info
    • Current followers are tracked under player info
    • Non-vital player information is being removed from the sidebar
  • Aura
    • Aura has been expanded on slightly, but nothing noticable at the moment 
    • Should save state across saves (if saves feel like working at the time) 
  • Internal
    •  Half-way through updating the HUD display mechanics, centralizing it all in one place and making management more clean
    • Status effects are a lot closer to the new skills in design, making them far less cluttered than before
  • Known Bugs
    • Kara's Rosethorn attack doesn't like to stun people, looking into it 

Next update I'm focusing mostly on internal fixes to get more of those fixed up and out of the way for future work. As of this moment, I'm gonna be tackling: a new method of saving and loading, the aura management system (and setting up the actual menus for that instead of the placeholders there now), making status effects not suck, and centralizing a lot of features like HUD generation and game states.

Saves should be coming by the end of the week, or the weekend at the latest as I'm integrating them as part of a class, the question just stands on if I'll actually integrate them correctly and data will stop getting lost -_-

That's all for now though, see you again in a week or so~

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

v 0.02.00 is Live!

Alright, finished cleaning checking through all the files for outdated code, so everything's good to go and live now! Not that many changes on the outside, but a lot of code is cleaner, more concise and organized now, so that should help with keeping everything in line as this thing gets bigger (it's already far bigger than anything I've dealt with yet, so trying to keep from getting overwhelmed is important to avoid getting sidetracked).

Onto the change-log:

  • Bug Fixes:
    •  Ending a toggle skill no longer costs mana, and will happen automatically if a new element is picked.
    • Fixed a bug where equipping a two-handed weapon into the first slot would make it impossible to dual wield in the second slot.
    • Appearance choices should now work properly.
    • Enemies should no longer have anti-armor that ignores damage.
    • Item shop should no longer lag (had 2-3 lines that were clogging it up)
  • Skills:
    • Toggle skills no longer have a start-up turn
    • Players are limited to 1/10 of their intelligence in active skills, and all active skills can be seen on the ability page (see below)
  • UI:
    • Analyze Tab in battle is now active, it displays all the players combat stats, active skills, and current status effects
    • Cleaned up the player stats page and made it less of a mess to look at
    • Weapons list what kind of combat type they are
  • Misc: 
    • Stores now only sell items
    • A single pawn shop has been added for the player to dump their equipment instead
    • Skill proficiencies have been added, but have little use at the moment
  • Technical Stuff:
    • Replaced all my manual setting for buttons with a function to clear that mess up
    • Replaced a million strings with Enum counterparts to help limit random crashes with no error
    • Added a little more error checking, if you get some strange messages, just let me know
  • Known Bugs for This Release:
    • Skill damage scaling is CRAZY, just try using Sword: Skilled Hand, or Dagger: Vital Strike and see
    • Skills in general seem to scale stats more than listed, I'll have to look over the stat handler
    • Trying to scroll in the Pawn Shop with more than 6 items can break the menu, need to add an exception somewhere in the shop 

This was a good start to getting back into the swing of things, I still have a lot of way to go to make everything run as smoothly as I like (still a lot of spaghetti code and less-than-effective methods in place), but it's a start. 

Gonna continue to update the core game as always with these updates, but I think I might try to work on aura a bit more in this coming update, and see if I can implement an ally system as well. I've been meaning to rework Kana and her quest, as it's all over the place and just way too much, so I'll likely use her to test this system out and get her rewrite in as well. might even consider more races and classes as well, I need to get magic set in an actual state and out of the character menu anyway. We'll see how things go.

Also, five days late, but it's been one year and several thousand lines of code since I kicked this thing off last year. Thanks to everyone who's helped me along and played the game so far, and I can't wait to see how far along it is in another year~

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Version 0.2.00 Update Progress

So, getting back into the swing of things I got hit by a huge surge of inspiration to get this thing working, so I'm going all in and kicking this thing to the next stage. I've been going through and replacing or updated all my outdated or dangerous code (there was some straight up retarded shit), and building a much safer and more reliable system for the future updates.

The biggest things left on my list are updating the skill system to work with these changes, a couple cosmetic updates and one more look over everything to see if I can find anything before release, but it's coming along nicely. Not much new content coming with this release, mostly just a core update to hopefully make the game less buggy, but I have a couple things I might look into if I finish early.

I've spent a lot of time organizing my ideas over the hiatus and I think I finally have a good direction I want to work with, I can't wait to finish up this work and move onto some of the stuff I've been looking forward to for a while now~

No promises of when the game will be updated, but I have another week of vacation to finish off my list, so hopefully by the c: